The Z/Zed discrepancy

(This post was written as we were in our 3rd week in Cambodia) So, For the last few weeks, we have been in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and working with the Bridge Of Life School. We are teaching English to the students of this school, who speak Khmer (the language of Cambodia). There are two classes […]

25 Minutes

A 5 liter bottle for the house, A 1.5 liter bottle for me. Another 1. 5 liter bottle for Conor. And another for Wendy. Wendy and Michelle have “reusable” water bottles, so 700ml each for those. That is roughly the amount of water we, the Pathfinders Pack, drink a day. And so that is the […]

Counting in khmer

So, Here in Cambodia, the official language is Khmer. Now Khmer is a very interesting language definitely worth a bit of research (Here is the Wikipedia page to start you off). It is also a difficult language for many to learn, as it has a different type of alphabet than most western languages use. It uses […]

Modern Embassies

So, The PathfindersProject trip is a long one….. This trip is a year long, in 8 countries, and with more than 10 service location. So a lot of planning went into the trip….. That being said, things change, and success favors the prepared and the flexible, so one of the precautions we took was to […]

Missing them….

So, today was our last full day in the village. We will be heading back to Siem Reap tomorrow afternoon. And after only a week in this village, a week without running water, electricity, Internet, and non-squat toilets, I have begun to adjust to this way of life…to adjust to sleeping on the floor under […]

Drawn To Pathfinders #1

So, I used to do little drawings on post it generic yellow square sticky notes, and they make me happy. I didn’t pack any of those, so index cards will have to do instead… Presenting: Drawn To Pathfinders #1 Cambodia is very hot and humid, so I normally wear this: Bandana (for sweat), smile, Tshirt, […]

First sickness (pt. 1)

So, It happened… I was the first of our group, and I’m sure not the last… That is right, I got Traveler’s Diarrhea. Now, for those who don’t know about this illness, Traveler’s Diarrhea (also known as Montezuma’s Revenge, Delhi Belly, and my personal favorite Turkey Trots) is a common ailment, the most common reported […]

Jet Lag in cambodia

So, I’m here in Cambodia, an it is currently 3:26 AM local time. Which means it is 3:26 PM in LA where I spent the better part of a month training for this project, and 1:26 PM in Minnesota, where I was born and raised…. Now, I have traveled in the states quite a bit, […]

Thoughts Aboard Our First Plane Ride

So, For the first time in our trip, I began to confront the privilege I normally have. In this case, it was the privilege of language, or the native tongue privilege. While flying to South Korea for our first group layover before Cambodia, the primary language was not English. The primary language on the instructions […]