Protect This! : Cotton-Top Tamarin

By | March 21, 2014


For your glimpse into the beauty that is the Colombian Ecosystem today, let me present to you to the Cotton-Top Tamarin.

The Cotton Top Tamarin

Picture via Wellington Zoo

This adorable New-World primate (weighing in at less than 700 grams and 23cm from head to tail) is currently classified as Critically Endangered, and lives only in a small section of Colombia. This species only naturally occurrs in northwestern Colombia between the the Magdalena River and the Atrato River.

Since this species was found to spontaneously develop colonic adenocarcinoma, it was commonly captured and sent to biomedical research facilities. In 1976, this was banned, but roughly 40,000 individuals were captured and used for research. Between the massive losses due to research, the illegal poaching for pets, and a environment that is undergoing deforestation (currently 5% of its historic range), this cute little primate is in serious danger of becoming extinct.

This is such a shame, as the Cottom-Top Tamarin is a very lively creature. Just like me, it displays spite, altruism, cooperation, and interacts within a complicated social structure, all while being awkward in photos.

The Cotton Top Tamarin

Picture via

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