Protect This! : Handley’s Slender Mouse Opossum

By | March 21, 2014


For todays piece of Colombian Wildlife, let me introduce you to the Handley’s Slender Mouse Opossum.

A Cute Colombian Opossum

Picture via The Zoological Society of London

This cute little Opossum (weighing in at less than 90 grams and 300mm total length) is currently classified as Critically Endangered, and lives only in a small section of Colombia. The entirety of this species is believed to live in 4 sites in a 48 km long range in central Colombian Andes. Although this species is not well studied (only 9 specimens have been studied), it is believed that this Opossum lives nocturnally, within a few meters on the ground, and eats mostly insects and fruits.

Additionally, even though this Opossum has a prehensile tail (which this author wants), it does not have the characteristic ‘Possum Pouch’, (which this author also wants).

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