Turning malaria into a positive thing: fundraising time!

By | December 5, 2013

So, I’m currently ill, and am not able to due much, but I am doing this:

So, it’s time for our Ghana Fundraiser. But, as I am typing this, I am fighting malaria…

Not in the humanitarian, handing out mosquito nets and medicine way, but in the malaria is in my blood way…. In the sweating and headaches and taking 15 pills a day way…

And so, I’m asking for your help. Even with me currently fighting this infection, the work of the Pathfinders Project and our current partner AFAWI, the Alliance For African Women Initiate, is still going strong. But to continue, we need your help.

Please consider supporting our cause. I am prepared to offer the following bonuses, in my malarial state,to incentivize your donation.

For just $10, I will give you a shout out on facebook /twitter.

For $25, I will send you information on avoiding HIV/AIDS (one of the other blood borne illnesses prevalent in this area), the very same information I have given to hundreds of at risk children here in Africa.

For $50 I will send you an explanation of how a little parasite is able to give me (and millions others every year) all of this malaria suffering.

For $75, I will write you a poem. Any topic, and any rhyme scheme or other way that you want me to write you a poem, you got it.

For $100, I will draw a cartoon explaining a biologic phenomenon just for you.

For $150, I will write a blog post about you, and how much your generosity means to me.

If you have any other suggestions of things you would like me to do, please message me at Ben (at) pathfindersproject.com>

Make sure to check it out, and donate at donate.pathfindersproject.com/ben

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