Story Time!

I’m proud of the writing that has come out of Pathfinders Project – I think it has demonstrated some of the best of what each of us has to offer. But it has almost always been somewhat self-consciously, even rigidly focused on promoting empathy through somber reflections about our experiences. As though, since we are traveling to developing nations and working with impoverished communities, to acknowledge that we are stretching ourselves to our emotional and physical limits AND having a blast would be to insult the people supported by the work we are doing.

But it is just as important to talk about humor and happiness amid hardship as it is to discuss injustice. It’s time to tell the other half of Pathfinders Project.


Playing basketball in Xeatsan Alto, Guatemala

Back in January when we were up in the the hills of Haiti, we began compiling a list of happy memories, and we’ve continued adding to it as we’ve moved through Latin America and the Caribbean. With a month and a half left to go, the bulleted list of one line reminders is more than ten pages long (and needs to be updated). It’s not my place to tell all of the stories on the list, but I’d like to begin telling some of them, and I’m asking you to help me decide which ones to tell first!

Below are teaser titles for 40 Pathfinders Project highlights. Please take a look and like the ones whose titles pique your interest. There are no voting rules – no minimum or maximum number of stories you can like. The stories with the most likes are the ones I’ll tell first!

If you don’t have Facebook, comment with your favorites and I’ll add your votes at the end.

One Week in a Cambodian Stilthouse
Rope Swing on the Nile
Reggae Night at Labadi Beach
Album Party at +233
Khmer Lessons with Piseth
Biking to Tonle Sap Lake
Caught in the Rain at the Kasese Market
Guac Party!
Ugandan “Rolexes”
Safari in an ’88 Corolla – first place! Published on 5/26
Drinking Marua
Basketball at Kamuli Technical
Football Match in Accra
Female Members of Parliament Exhibition Netball Match
Car Keys in the Charcoal
Khmer for “Cheers!”
Despicable Me at the Peace and Love Spot
Pork, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Coconut Water.
Cards Outside the Corner Store
Miscolored Crocs
“Welcome to Ghana”
Taking the GRE in Kampala
Tro Tro Adventure #1
Tro Tro Adventure #2
Madame Elson Steals our Chapattis
Visiting the Orphanage in Kisozi, Uganda
Fun with Language Barriers
Cape Coast Weekend
Watching the Super Bowl on Isla Puna
Alfa & Omega Hamburgers
Concussion Scare
Dancing Dogs
Colombian Cloudberries
Politics in Puna
Pick One: Power or Water (You Can’t Have Both)
Xmas in Santo Domingo, New Year’s in Pedernales
Lent in Antigua
Huesito, Conor’s Best Friend
Chachafruto, a Poisonous Bean That Will Save the World
City of God, Trash

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  1. These sound especially intriguing:

    Car Keys in the Charcoal
    Basketball at Kamuli Technical
    Fun with Language Barriers
    Pick One: Power or Water (You Can’t Have Both)
    Chachafruto, the Poisonous Bean That Will Save the

  2. Fantastic idea. And you’re right about the need to leaven the seriousness at times in this kind of storytelling. Good stuff.

  3. Tonja H says:

    As a regular consumer of Chapattis…I must hear more about the lady who stole them!

  4. GREAT choices! How long did it take to come up with this fabulous list of possibilities?

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