Monthly Archives: January 2014

Happy 5 year anniversary to me!

A few days ago officially marks the 5 year anniversary of me being an atheist! It’s crazy to think about how much I’ve grown and far far it’s taken me.

We just left Haiti and the Dominican Republic and now we’re in Ecuador.

We spent the past week building more toilets! This time we got to use the machete a lot! Our hands are all covered in blisters

On the 23rd we woke up at 4 am and hiked for an hour and a half to the bus stop. Last time the bus didn’t leave until 7 am, but this time it left much earlier. So we walked an additional hour to a different stop.

A truck passed us and already had a few thousand pounds of oranges and 35 people on the back. They said we could hop on. I spent the hour and a half ride riding on the top of the truck cabin holding on for dear life and dodging low branches. Fun!

We caught a 8 hour bus ride back to Santo Domingo.

The next day we took two flights to Ecuador. Right now we’re in Quito. Quito is AMAZING. Definitely one of the top 3 cities we’ve been to so far. The churches are gorgeous and the food is delicious. Too bad I’m too sick and can’t taste anything.

We’re about to hop on a flight to Guayaquil where we’ll be working for the next month.