No, I don’t know Kung Fu

            I was sitting in Kasese Humanist Primary School’s library when a student approached me.


“Can you show me the videos of people fighting?”

“What videos?”

“The video of people in China fighting”


“The videos you have of people fighting in China”

I had no idea what she was talking about. I wondered if I had referred to something that suggested fighting, or maybe she saw one as I was showing her my photos.

“Sorry, I don’t have videos from China. I’ve never been to China, but Wendy has been to China. Ask her.”

Maybe they were referring to some fight that Wendy told them about? I doubt it. Wendy doesn’t like those kinds of things.

My students keep asking me if I know how to fight. For the first few weeks, I was sure I didn’t understand what they were saying. What a weird question to ask someone out of the blue.

Then I realized they were referring to Kung Fu movies.


I started noticing these questions more and more. During a Humanism class, I asked if anyone had questions about the scientific method. One student raised his hand:

“Can you teach us how to fight?”

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