Memunatu Dokurugu

This was one of the accused witches that we interviewed who was reintegrated in a separate community.

When she was 7 months pregnant, thunder killed her first husband. She had 3 kids with her second husband and 3 kids with her third husband. Her trouble all started when her third husband got more wives.

Her third husband’s second wife died. Then his third wife’s kid died. Memunatu was blamed for the death.

She then stayed with her brother and then her brother’s son died. The accusations started.

She ran to Kukuo for safety. She stayed peacefully there until she was reintegrated recently. Her 4th born built a house nearby and asked the elders to let her stay with him.

As she was preparing to leave, she needed to find two chickens and return to the shrine. The chickens were there to ask for permission to return to another community safely.

She said that leaving Kukuo was like being released from all the hardship and discrimination associated with her accusation. Her current house is like heaven to her. She’s surrounded by food, firewood, and water. She says that living here is a huge relief.

She’s 80 years old and has been reintegrated for 1 year. She spent 8 years in Kukuo.

She was lucky because her son was so faithful to her. Each month her son would give her a part of his salary. She says that the women should always pray that their families have them at heart.

Her brother was the person who accused her. When she was reintegrated her brother came back and begged her for her forgiveness. He thought she would die the night of the accusation and didn’t think she would suffer for so long. She accepted his apology.

She feels that this place, which is like heaven to her, is her final destination and that the accusation was part of the journey. She says that Bimbilla is a place where you can buy land and you can live on it without worry. The people will leave you alone. Because of this, many accused witches are reintegrated in Bimbilla

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