Religious Mottos in Secular Nations

As you drive around Uganda, it’s hard not to notice the large signs on cars and trucks.

"God is Great"

“God is Great”

People are very proud of their religion here, and are not afraid to show it. That doesn’t bother me. They are usually very religious affirmations to display their pride and how devoted they are to their religion. Some even name their shops to display their religiosity.

They include sayings like “glory be to god”, “suffer for Jesus”,”god is great”, “thanx be 2 god”, “faith in god”, and other sayings that are explicitly religious and there to demonstrate how devoted they are.

"Praise Jesus Shop"

“Praise Jesus Shop”

2013-10-20 11.36.07

“Be Patient. God provides!”

2013-11-03 10.51.36



I read up about religion in Uganda and Uganda is a secular nation. It states in the constitution that “Uganda shall not adopt a State religion” (article 7 chapter 2) but their motto is “for God and my Country”.

What? That’s crazy. The motto directly contradicts their constitution. What kind of constitutionally secular nation has such a blatant declaration of religion as their motto?
Oh right. The United States.

"in God We Trust"

“in God We Trust”

“In God we Trust”

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