Thanks to my supporters

Thank you to those who have supported me. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. I’m grateful to have a community of people who love and encourage me. This list is not in order and definitely does not include everyone, but it’s a start.

Special thanks to:

  • Laurie Akiyama
  • Ann Akiyama
  • Kuhl Family
  • Tak and Rhonda Nasu
  • Meme and Sarah Huey
  • John and Annie
  • Brandon and Joyce Nasu
  • Bev Davis Derek Marcus and Kristi Huey
  • Toshiko Akiyama
  • Al and Nancy Chin
  • Phoebe Leung
  • Luann and Viviana Shikasho
  • Jim and Midori Fujii
  • Kathy Mine
  • Terry and Rocky Yee
  • Jean and David and Denise
  • Brad and Tammy Yee
  • Dotty and Joe Chu
  • Ling Fong
  • Doug and Stephanie Fujii
  • Grandma Lee
  • Mabel Gee
  • Zachary Moore
  • Conor Robinson
  • Susan Tamai
  • Cang Tran
  • Liliana Pang
  • Foua Xiong
  • Mike Mei
  • Nicholas Hau
  • Laura and Steve Chan
  • Christopher Chu
  • Joseph Chu
  • Bridget Gaudette
  • Shanon Nebo
  • Noelle George
  • Right Item 1
  • Right Item 2
  • Right Item 3
  • Right Item 4
  • Right Item 5

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