How to Write a Good News Article

News is information about events in the world. It can be printed in newspapers, broadcast over radio or television, yelled across a classroom or posted online. It may be about wars, weather, elections or local events. News can also be about people or things that are unusual or interesting. It is often about important people or things that affect people’s lives.

News can also be about the environment, animals or science. It can be about new inventions or discoveries. It can be about how to do something or about someone who is famous or who has done something significant. The main purpose of news is to keep people informed about what is going on in the world.

In many countries, the government regulates what can be reported in the news. Journalists are expected to aim for objectivity and be free from bias. This is considered important, especially if the journalist is reporting on sensitive or controversial topics. It is also important for journalists to report facts and let the reader decide what is true and what is not.

However, even with the best intentions, news can still be biased. Some sources of news are more likely to be biased than others. For example, a newspaper in the United States is more likely to be biased than a newspaper in China. This is because the American newspaper is more likely to have links to businesses and politicians who want to influence the public’s opinion.

When writing a news article it is important to include several different sources of information. These can be primary sources or secondary sources. A primary source is a person who has first hand experience of the story. For example, if you are reporting on a fire you might interview firefighters or the owner of the building that was burned. A secondary source would be pieces of information that have been collected from other sources. For example, you might take quotes from interviews with firefighters or statistics about the number of buildings burned in a particular city.

It is also important to put the most important news at the top of the article. This is called “above the fold” in newspaper terminology, but it is equally important in writing for web sites. This ensures that the reader gets the most important information first and is less likely to lose interest before reaching the bottom of the page.

When creating an online news article, it is a good idea to create an outline for the story. This will help you stay organized as you write the piece and can also help you transition between points in the article. You can use the upside-down pyramid format for your outline, or you can choose a different method of organization. Once you have your information outlined, it’s time to begin writing the article. Make sure you have all of your facts and information ready before beginning to write, and remember to cite your sources when necessary.