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Protect This!

So…. Currently, the Pathfinders are in Minca, a town in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Colombia. We are working with MisiĆ³n Gaia, a local Non-Government Organization, to help protect biological diversity, develop low-impact environmental processes, promote awareness of conservation and responsible consumption, and encourage respect for nature. This translates into us working on a […]

The Story of Two Drinks

So… Recently, while traveling through Guayaquil, I purchased two delicious, Ecuadorian produced drinks. One was a delicious tomatillo juice, and the other was a Rockstar energy drink. Now, I know what you are asking… How on earth is the Rockstar energy drink Ecuadorian? As it turns out, dear reader, there is a bottling plant in […]

Clean Water by the Numbers

Water is one of the most, if not the most, important molecules for all life as we know it. Water makes up about 65% of the mass of a human cell, and about 98.73% of the molecules in the human cell. Water makes up more than 70% of the earth’s surface. And water played a […]

Step 4

So, While traveling abroad, and teaching, and working, and just existing in a drastically different environment and culture, I occasionally run into little problems where I have no idea what is going on. This type of problem occurs when ordering food, but it is seldom important, as the food is usually delicious. This type of […]

Weights and Measures

So, A friend of mine told me how brave I was for writing about something as sensitive as my own obesity. I disagree…. For me, talking about my weight when I was large was easy. It is easy for me to poke fun at myself and show vulnerability through jokes about something I’m shamed about. […]

Turning malaria into a positive thing: fundraising time!

So, I’m currently ill, and am not able to due much, but I am doing this: So, it’s time for our Ghana Fundraiser. But, as I am typing this, I am fighting malaria… Not in the humanitarian, handing out mosquito nets and medicine way, but in the malaria is in my blood way…. In the […]

The Z/Zed discrepancy

(This post was written as we were in our 3rd week in Cambodia) So, For the last few weeks, we have been in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and working with the Bridge Of Life School. We are teaching English to the students of this school, who speak Khmer (the language of Cambodia). There are two classes […]

25 Minutes

A 5 liter bottle for the house, A 1.5 liter bottle for me. Another 1. 5 liter bottle for Conor. And another for Wendy. Wendy and Michelle have “reusable” water bottles, so 700ml each for those. That is roughly the amount of water we, the Pathfinders Pack, drink a day. And so that is the […]

Counting in khmer

So, Here in Cambodia, the official language is Khmer. Now Khmer is a very interesting language definitely worth a bit of research (Here is the Wikipedia page to start you off). It is also a difficult language for many to learn, as it has a different type of alphabet than most western languages use. It uses […]