Protect This!

By | March 16, 2014

Currently, the Pathfinders are in Minca, a town in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Colombia.
We are working with MisiĆ³n Gaia, a local Non-Government Organization, to help protect biological diversity, develop low-impact environmental processes, promote awareness of conservation and responsible consumption, and encourage respect for nature.
This translates into us working on a daily basis on educating schoolchildren and adults about environmental processes and issues, and building sustainable environmental structures, such as composters, a composting latrine, permaculture gardens, and seed beds.
That being said, these projects, and our entire trip, costs money.
To raise awareness for the environmental issues in Colombia, as well as money for our trip, the pathfinders are uniting for an educational campaign “Protect This!”
We will be providing daily information about the environment issues and profiles of local wildlife, as well as photographs of the area we are trying to protect.
You can support us at Follow us on facebook at to learn more about this wonderful area of the world.


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