Netball and male privilege

A few weeks ago, the pathfinders went to a netball game. But not just any netball game. The female members of parliament were coming together to play a netball game against a local team. Awesome!

(Netball is a game that’s like a combination between basketball and ultimate frisbee. It’s like basketball, except the players can’t move when they have the ball.)

It was an extremely popular game. Everyone crowded around the court. I was so tightly packed in that I couldn’t move my arms – they were pinned to my side.

My immediate thought was that I wouldn’t be able to block my face if the ball came towards me (I was right behind the hoop that doesn’t have a backboard). My second thought was that I was completely helpless if some guy were to grab me.

I watched the game, but that was a constant thought that was nagging me the entire time.

I looked over my shoulder and I could no longer find Wendy.

The thing I had feared had happened to her. Her ass was grabbed during the game, and she couldn’t do anything about it. She eventually shoved her way out of the crowd after that. I took one look at her face and guessed what had happened.

How frustrating.

We left the game shortly after finding this out.

I don’t think that thought ever crossed Conor or Ben’s mind, while it was a constant nagging thought that was looming in my mind. It’s one of those subtle male privileges. Men don’t even have to think about getting their ass inappropriately grabbed in public places. It’s not even a thought that needs to cross their mind, where it was one of the only things on my mind.

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